Bidston Moss Community Woodland

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Bidston Moss is a complex of sites surrounding the M53 motorway as it enters Liverpool, forming a green gateway into the city. All of the four parts of the site constitute ex-landfill land, requiring careful treatment in order to ensure suitability for community woodland end use.


Bidston Moss forms the major attraction of the site, rising up to provide views towards historic Liverpool docks, a fine panorama of the Liverpool skyline to the north and across to Wales and the coast behind. Significant planting has resulted in mature woodland throughout this part of the site, with a network of paths winding up and around the hillside. The site also features a fishing lake, with all-ability access, cycle paths and viewing points.


Connecting the distinct parts of the site runs the National Cycle Route 56. The route skirts part of the site also designated as a Local Nature Reserve, which boasts habitat-rich wild flower meadows, with sensitive access introduced as part of the project.


As a gateway site to Liverpool centre, the design includes eye-catching entrance features running along the skyline for sections of the site. Based on shore defence structures, to reflect the sites coastal aspect and designed to weather and bleach with age, these features, as with other elements throughout the woodland, have been selected to weather and settle into the location over time.


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